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Posted by Steve Wrestler on Tuesday, September 13th, 2011 at 4:23pm.


Janet & Steve Wrestler              
Prestige Properties America, Inc  
5555 Erindale Dr
Suite 207
Colorado Springs CO 80918
Dear Janet and Steve,
I want to thank and you and Diane so much for all the help you gave us in
buying our new home. From the start in 2010, when we decided to move to
Colorado Springs from Australia your service was far and above the best we
could have expected.
Being a bit knowledgeable on the internet, I found you and your website with
a Google search. What was important to me and stood out was that you were a
personalized business, one-on-one and not a corporate number cruncher. You
asked me the right questions and profiled Gail and me to a tee. Then set out
finding the right home for us; not the one we envisioned but now the
absolutely perfect one for us.
It was one thing to find you on the net but with your personal service in
reviewing my MLS finds, it made our house hunting on the ground
simple and productive. There is nothing like local knowledge to eliminate
the hype and cut to the chase.
We wanted Pikes Peak views not knowing that would grow tiresome, hot and
sunset blocked in the afternoons. You found us several places with views and
then the stunner on Pine Creek Golf Course. Now we don't even need pets with
deer, coyotes and all manner of birdlife right on our back porch. And
central to everything we hold dear in our lifestyle.
Not only is our home perfect, your financial recommendations made the deal.
Ricardo Gomez at Colorado State Bank saved us thousands over USAA. His
personal service continues. Steve swung the deal with his independent "horse
trading" with Dave Moore the agent. Steve knew our budget and knew which
buttons to push with Classic Homes. All this done from getting off the
plane, organizing the loan and moving in in less than a month!
One comment on Classic Homes, they are the go-to builder. The after sale
service has been fantastic with Knut Lyby taking care of the smallest detail
and June Mieras-Hall doing the paperwork on the day.
Thanks so much,
Michael E. Hess

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