General Palmer's Vision


Originally called Fountain Colony, Colorado Springs was founded in 1871 by General William Jackson Palmer. His vision for this new city of Colorado Springs was one of culture, beauty, and a good quality of life at the foot of Pikes Peak. It was his dream to have Colorado Springs free of smokestacks, slums, and unsavory characters. He even went so far as to outlaw the use of alcohol.

General Palmer's wife Queen, was from London's high society and had considerable influence on the the General and the the molding of this new city adjacent the rocky mountains. She drew a considerable amount of London's elite society to visit Colorado Springs. Thus for a period of time, Colorado Springs was known as Little London.

In 1891, gold was discovered in Cripple Creek. The gold rush had a dramatic affect on Colorado Springs. Some dirt poor miners became millionaires and settled in some of the areas downtown known as millionaires row. Mansions were built and fortunes were spent all to the betterment of Colorado Springs. General Palmer's wisdom and planning along with the gold from Cripple Creek gave this beautiful city a wonderful legacy and many invaluable gifts. The city benefited in the form of office buildings, mansions, luxury hotels, parks and recreation, and a reputation of being a city of healthful and gracious living.

Colorado Springs today has changed dramatically since the days of General Palmer. Military bases, High tech companies, Higher education facilities, and a plethora of small businesses offer many opportunities to those who seek the future here on the edge of the Rocky Mountains.